BUFFALO, N.Y. — The Commissioner of Erie County’s Department of Public Works has tested positive for COVID-19.

According to County Executive Mark Poloncarz, William Geary is recovering from “a very mild case” of the virus.

“I’ve had no recent direct contact with the Commissioner as we meet virtually, but, as he stated, he hopes his illness is a ‘teachable moment’ for others,” Poloncarz wrote.

Geary says he has no clue where he contracted COVID-19. The only symptom he has is that he doesn’t have a sense of smell. That’s what made him realize he should get tested.

He was tested Sunday and it came back the same day as positive. Geary is now isolating at home away from his family but says he’s still working remotely because, at this point, he feels fine.

Geary says he wants this to be a teaching lesson to others as he’s been taking all of the precautions but still managed to get it.